This is the class blog for J70, Images of Japan in Literature and Film, for Fall quarter of 2013. Our topic this quarter is food and foodies in Japan. In modern (186os~) Japan, food is both an intimate thing and a public thing that people have strong feelings about. We will examine food in all its senses as a way to understand broader ways to get a grip on what “culture” is, and to describe and differentiate historical shifts in the ways people live, write, and write about living.

On this site, you will find the syllabus, handouts from class, and a number of “how-to” guides and FAQs about assignments. You will also find information about events and talks happening on campus–and in the wider city and world–that are relevant to class. And there are links to things that spring up in the news that intersect with class themes and topics.

All students are entered as “editors.” This means that students can post extra things and information on the site. This is also where you will publish your short writings on film, your screen shots and clips, and your audio commentaries. Please direct questions to the professor, Anne McKnight, at amck@ucla.edu.


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