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My year of meat (Extra Credit)



Soyoung Son
Japanese 70

         Jane Takagi-Little is a Japanese American journalist and she works for a Japanese production company. She produces the program of called “My American Wife.”, this is about meat (beef), they show how to cook beef, what the best meat is, and show her life as American wife, how she cook meat every week. There are story of Jane, Suzie and Akiko. Jane’s story is the life of Akiko Ueno, she is manga artist and married with a man who work for BEEF-EX.

         This book’s story is about meat, actually culture of meat is not for Asian food, it came from Western and now it is popular and had been settled as our meal. Almost every one love meat and always find it at table and also rate of sold a meat has been growing rapidly. In My American Wife program show how to cook meat in the best way, and where we can find the best meat. They try to find the place where they can find the best meat, but they found the company which made a meat in stranger way rather than the best meat. There are actually lots of menu that they will cook but end up, they decided to cook a beef, because this American broadcast company have supporter Japanese company as well and this American company make a program for showing Japanese wife the best way to cook beef and that is actual purpose to sell a meat. The company which sold a meat have a huge farm, they want to raise a cow with very easy way, they shot inject of Hormone and other variety prevent inject to cow when cows are born, and also during they are growing, the company give them food mixed some drugs and give some shot as injection. It probably looks that cows are very healthy and they are growing up in very well circumstance, but it is not like that, it is very mess. The company even haven’t cleaned cow’s excreta, the farm is too small cow to grow, People who work there looks very bored to work as machine.  And if kids eat this meat, then they have problem of growing well. I think, most people have ambition and it brings these terrible result, they just need to sell it and earn money with any reason and ways. Ruth Ozeki wants to tell veil of food story, and we have to know there is lots of problem in food. Asian food culture is actually not meat long time ago but now it is popular and every Asian know it as healthy food, but there are lots of junk food also made with meat, such as Hamburger, sausage  and spam, we might know it is very unhealthy food, but we can’t stop eating those food. That means meat has already settled in our life. So we probably want to find a way to eat healthy and great meat as well and even if we eat junk food, we should try to eat less.




















미나Soyoung Son
Minamata disease was started in Minamata city in Japan, it was 1956. Minamata city is located in Southernmost in Japan, there was developed with industrial city as well.There is Chisso Corporation, they use methyl mercury due to make the acetaldehyde, as this processing, they throw away wastewater which didn’t purify and included some methyl mercury to the sea. That is how its disease was getting increasing because a lot of people live in Minamata eat many kind of seafood, like a shell and shell fish which included methyl mercury and they got mercury poisoning. There are cat, pig and dog was getting die and become of strange act first and then human was getting died. But at that time, the government and factory didn’t accept that they did and they didn’t take any action for that terrible situation. After a while, end up they admitted that was their fault and they tried to solve the problem of pollution.
People who get mercury poisoning have variety symptom appeared, such as numbness in hand and feet, paresthesia in every muscles, defect of speech and hearing, also stroke and motor distribute, if serious case, people will be dead and coma.
There are many documentary related in Minamata disease came and the first one was ‘Minamata: The victims and their world’ by Noriaki Tsuchimoto in 1971. This film focus on inform that howmany not only residents in Minamata city suffered from strange affliction and mercury poisoning but also lots of people and animal died by Minamata disease to the world so that people remind this problem, have to be careful and they might try to find solution for the future. Because at that time, thegovernment and factory owned by Chisso keep evading their
responsibility and show slowness act for this problem.

This scene show that people who live in Minamata and nearby, they are doing protest for those who undergo from dreadful disease to push the government to take any action that may be deemed wise. After a while, at Stockholder’s meeting, Chisso Cooperation compensate for people who lose of the one loved, but I think that doesn’t means Chisso Cooperation understand how they feel. When I watch this film, I was reminded of ‘The battle ship; Potemkin’ film, this film was started that the sailor protest because Russian soldier serve the rotten meat, there was a lot of ‘maggot’ and the soldier said that it is fresh meat so don’t say anything about the food to all of sailor. Therefore, all of the sailor were mad at them and decided to remonstrate, because it is not food neither or meat, it is just garbage, if eat this kind of food, people might get sick or be seriously dead. As we learned in class, food is what most people eat happily, culture and even life, it is like a nutriment for human alive, being heath and it shouldn’t be fooled. It could be brought unhappiness or happiness, depends on what has ingredients, how made and when made. Back to first film of Minamata, people ate those fish because they want to live, if people don’t eat anything they will die but this seafood brought death, it is really contradiction. However, the government try to propel to build the model of environment based on this experience and there are many tourist and student to study about history of Minamata disease nowadays. As both film, we can learn lesson that food is really important to human alive and we shouldn’t let food spoiled.



Soyoung son.
This movie was made that the story based on the pacific war in 1942, it is that Japan was trying to attack the island; Pearl Harborand unfortunately, terminated with Japan’s surrender because of the pacific war, so this director wanted to give a hope and make a hero for depressed Japanese. This animation, Momotaro, starts off to attack the demon island with loyal monkeys, rabbits, birds and a young captain of ‘Momotaro’, but it was taking short a moment to win, while Japan got assaulted from demon island at first, there were Mommy bird and baby bird were playing and suddenly baby bird was crashed with flight and got hurt, but the one of army ‘money’ took care of baby and he found boy bird’s mother. As the attack was taking so long, all the corpsman who were waiting for the news of their situation and finally got a call that they had success to attack the island and they won, so all corpsman who joined the war were coming back and they were going to take a picture as ceremony of success but the camera was missing. That might be ‘bad’ omen, inevitably, one flight hadn’t come back yet, they got attacked from the demon and was going to crash the flight, but the birds got help from Japanese saved them, hence


this war was victory. As watch this film, the captain is young and strong even though he is alone, without parents and he commend all the corpsman by himself. However, this movie was not serious that much as Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors,after a while this film came out, the book, ‘Peach Boy’ was published in 1951. This book is targeting to children as well as the film and this story is more systematic but not detailed as well. There are old wife and old husband, and they never had a baby unfortunately, someday old woman was washing a cloth on the river while the old man went to mountain for cutting the fire-wood and there was something coming and it was ‘huge’ peach, she was pleased to let her husband see this kind of great food and when they were trying to eat and cut, the baby was born in the peach, and he said that they don’t have to be afraid, the reason why he came to them because he got order from  the heaven and since they had no children, he will be a boy for them as well. So the old man and woman give him a name as ‘peach boy’, one day when he got 15 years old, he had to say their parent goodbye to attack the island of the Ogres which is devil and harmed Japanese. The parents were preparing some food for a warrior on a journey, it was dumpling. When he was on his voyage, he met a dog at first and they were hungry, so Peach boy shared the dumpling as well and second he met monkey and last, bird, these animals heard about the Peach boy and decided to be servant, and finally they went to Ogres Island to attack. And end up they won, so found food and gold back and return home. This book story is very consistence, how and why appear the Peach boy and what he wants to do, however, in opposition to the film, the peach boy have parents and friends around him and it is folklore, not like a war documentary.There is one film ‘A talkie manga’by Tsuchimoto in 1936which directed to make a connection with here of ‘the Peach boy’ and there are many animal from Disney looks like a bad guys attack the island where Japanese live and


while Japanesesuffered an expected defeat by them, they took out of the girl and run away. So the tiger who was with the girl despaired and go to ask help to the Peach boy, end up, the Peach boy hero beat the devil and find a girl and give them a peace. This film is also about the hero named as Peach boy and produced with a view to encouraging to children and all Japanese have a hope instead of frustrated that surrendered to opponent. This film is voiceless but there is some music sound that makes people to feel tension, exasperated and happy.

The movie is more like a documentary and very serious, it focuses on having a war and talking about win for the war with US and criticize to American cartoon. “It both celebrates Japanese victories and fights a cartoon war, its enemy being not just the American military, but it is an American animation that had dominated Japanese screen before Pearl Harbor.”(p10)In addition, this film comes with black and white used, and describe the Peach boy as looks like a girl, very weak and very womanly but strong and have a charisma so that he command all of other animals of subordinate and give them an order very thoroughly, but interesting things that the main character doesn’t fight with them, just order and all others comes animals except, the captain. Plus animals who join this fight, looks so lovely and cute either but still stout. This film doesn’t show that some story of family or the process why they start to attack them, alsothere are no family, parents, friends and home coming. This film reflect limited place that having a war on the sea. This is not silent movie but somewhat more literature adaptation On the other hand, in a book, the Peach boy describe as boy, grows up so fast and strong also, not imaged with feminine. “Don’t be afraid! The truth is I have been sent down to you by the command of the god of Heaven… therefore commanded that I should be handed over to you to be brought up as your own child.”(Momotaro, p16) as he said, right after he was born from the huge peach, he


was characterized as very manfully and durable. This book focus on talking about the hero of the Peach boy and having a warm story as well. There are old man and woman who never had a baby, it is very sad but luckily they get child from the Peach as hero.It is very typical fairy tale for letting child to be awaken that there are somebody out there for Japanese.When the boy is going to trip, the parent is preparing the food, dumplings and other stuffs for him, and he shares the dumplings with the dog and money. It shows of some friendship and culture. Even though he meets the dog and money at first time, he is willing to share some food with others. Momotaro is good reader and he orders and gives some instruction and way how to attack and when to do, besides he joins the fight and completely defeat the oni.But unlikely the video, he fight with his servants directly and they win because they do what peach-boy said and ordered. This story goes with kind of destiny, because, old woman is nearby the river separated with old man, and coincided to get a peach as well. As this is a book, everything has to be described very well for helping to image some appearance character and background, and there are lots of dialogic and folkloric. “Well! Time passes quickly! And Peach-boy was soon fifteen years old.”(Momotaro, p16) Moreover, it sometimes emphasize when it is important, express with repeated words. At first page, it says two times that “Very, very” (p9) and there is also kind of songs “The distant waters are bitter! The near waters are sweet! Shun the bitter! Come to the sweet!” she repeated as well for welcoming peach and it works because the peach was stopped right in front of her.

In my opinion, I like the book better than the movieeven though the video is more fun because there is proceeding of why they have a fight so it is easy to understand what they want to do and say, more concrete story and simple plus, it has warm story. Ending is happy and everything goes back to normal and fine life. It makes me more have a pay attention. There is the


millet dumpling which is best in Japan, old man and woman cook the dumpling for the voyage of peach-boy, this means that people have to eat and prepare very well when they do something very important, even if the war is very ‘huge’ issue there have to be existence of food and it is indispensable, and even he shares this food with his friend, it express of friendship and food is not only one need, it has to be shared and eaten by all together. And share something important food which has small amount with others means they are already friend, close or they believe each other.

The Gourmet club

Soyoung Son

Japanese 70

Nov 04, 2013

Shihwei Sun (TA section 1C)

The Gourmet club‘The color and charm of clothes of death body will be beautiful after eating’ this is the saying from Korea and that means, we all are living and working because we want to eat something good food. I think there are no people who don’t like to eat, we all feel hungry when we don’t eat and if we want to eat, we want to eat delicious food. The gourmet club, these guys are group of food traveler, and meets regularly to enjoy superb meals and to take day trips and tasting tours to some of finest restaurants and gastronomical regions. They are going to eat and find magical food wherever they want to, no matter how far it is, For example, they are going to Tokyo from Kyoto for only turtle soup, when they have a great idea about the dinner, they go to find the famous restaurant whatever, whenever and wherever it is and they heard that there is very big and famous Chinese restaurant in China town in Yokohama, so they go there and feel Chinese savor. They might want to taste all of the food in the world; however, they are worried about the ‘Western food’, because they have to abroad if they really want to taste ‘real Western food’. This is how connect with food and exoticism, people want to eat food not only their own food also food from all difference country, like a ‘Lemon’ we learned in class, also have means that exoticism because the lemon comes from far always country and people want to know what kind of food are out there. In the movie ‘Tampopo’, it is about woman who run ramen restaurant and she tries to succeed on her business. Main character realized that in order to make fantastic savor food, it required blood, sweat, and tears to succeed as cooker. The other scene has another story is that as eater, one man learn how to eat the ramen from the master, he teaches that you have to eat it carefully, feel it savor and you should respect that food as well. “A symphony of foods! An orchestral cuisine!” (P104) This is how to describe the food from the Gourmet club. They eat and find the great food and also always feel it and respect to food and cooker, besides they taste the food, not only using tongue, but also feel texture, flavor and decoration of food with body, mind and eyes. This is their passion and enthusiasm for food. Back to woman who run restaurant, she visits every other ramen restaurant to see how they make, why they are popular and what they use the ingredient for the best cook, it is all just about the ramen, even if it is cheap price, there should be the master craftsman’s hard, every ramen restaurant has different regular customer, because, although it is same food, every one food has variety way to make and variety tastes. Likewise, food is not just food, this is culture and life.

Explaining the class society with food.


Section C


            Tampopo, this means that dandelion in Japanese and it is small seeds which is very soft and feeble and weak and it is also blown by little breeze very well, yet dandelion is very strong because, it could growth everywhere if there is some soil. This movie is about the women who has same character as dandelion own ramen restaurant and she try to succeed on her business. There is gang, upper class, low class and variety veteran ramen restaurant’s owner coming in this movie.

This story is started as couple of upper class watching the movie at theater with eating some noodle. It could be explained as upper class also are eating cheap ramen, however, this cheap ramen should make with the master craftsman’s hard. This movie tells lots of things via ramen or food, it could be about a sex like a desire, greed, he explained this as gang’s boss was having a sex with using some food, that is like a compare between people who has greed for food and sex is same as desire.

jap 70

There is some scenes that I’m interested in, it is French restaurant and there is few superiors, might be a boss, one man looks like a manager for them or porter and a waiter. This French restaurant seems very expensive, formal and luxury. The waiter is ready to get an order for them and ask what they want to get, but they are all hesitate to order, except the manager, even he looks like very having a knowledge about the French food. So all upper class ordered same things as one who order first. And then manager ordered some food confidently. All the other people look at him as shocked. Because they might think that the porter definitely don’t know about this such an expensive food and should not know it because they can’t afford the Western food moreover, he might not be able to know about this food more than his superiors. The author probably wants to tell about the society of Japanese at this time, there is many different classes are coming up and people need to have a manner and etiquette with each class and then concerning this rule, there is some contradiction because, we all same people, even if people who are living in poor, still they are the same as other like the upper class or whatever, they could eat any food or things they want to. Besides they could have many knowledge about the Western food which is the symbol of wealthy. The author make this film to tell the problem of this period of Japanese’s class society with food.