How to post

Since many of you are new to WordPress, I thought it would be helpful to let you know how to post.

Here are instructions:

First, make sure to log in. Bring your cursor over “food and foodies in…” in the top left corner of the screen. A menu should drop down…it looks like this–>the BOTTOM “food and foodies in…”

hover and click on the BOTTOM, dark grey “food and foodies” text

You should select the following:

New > Post

This will bring up a new window where you can input and edit text, images, and other media. On the upper righthand corner of the screen are boxes that you can click to “Save Draft” and “Preview.” You can use these features while working on your post. You can also add tags (keywords for your post) by entering words and phrases into the “Tags” box in the lower righthand corner.

*Please do NOT add new categories; these are large, overall categories. Use tags to correspond to your particular essay.

When your post is ready to be published, click on the blue box that says “Publish,” and your post will be published to the blog. If you need to edit your post, you can click on the word “Edit” which will appear at the end of your post and then make any necessary changes.

Feel free to comment on each other’s posts.

Finally, I have added the “author widget,” which lists contributing authors and their most recent posts on the right side of the page. Hovering over an author’s name with your cursor will bring up his or her “hovercard” (a basic profile), while clicking on an author’s name will display all posts by that author.


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