Capitalism in Giant and Toys

YoungEun Kim

Mcknight, A.

Japanese 70 – Dis 1C

28  November 2013

Capitalism and Commercialization of Caramel

Giants and Toys is a Japanese film directed by Yasuzo Masumura and it exactly shows the commercializations problem in nowadays. There are three different candy companies which are World, Apollo, and Giant specializes in caramels. There are two main characters who are the employees of the World. Nishi is the assistant of the Goda, they try to find a girl who can be a main for the caramel poster. The Goda actually has pretty strong power in the company, but he always looks forward to being more powerful and prestigious.

images1This scene shows that how executives have a discuss to make more corporation profit.

The young girl, Kyoko, actually has a asymmetric tooth and works in the taxi company. She was just a taxi driver and raised under poor family. After she was elected for a poster, she became a star and made lots of money from that.”. She has very pure personality and is availed of for the company’s advantage. She said that “ I will do anything for money”, this shows how money makes her be into a different person. She wears the astronaut suit and performance in the television program, concerts, baseball game to create corporation profit. However, Nishi’s best friend works in the Giant, so he is kind of the rival with Nishi. He keeps calm outwardly, but they hold each other in check internally. untitled This scene is about the love between Nishi and a woman in Apollo company. Nishi always tried to dig up information from her, but she also tries to take advantage for her company’s profit.

For me, this fact is the most interesting, because not only Nishi but also his best friend become to be commercialized for their company’s profit. Furthermore, Nishi meets a woman who works in the Apollo and they are seeming to love each other. However, they meet totally to dig up each company’s advertisement information. It exactly shows that even the love is treated lower than the corporate profit.

untitled2                                                        Goda tries to persuade her to work for World.untitled3Kyoko was selected by Goda, after that she wears a space suit and become a star.

When the society becomes commercialized more and more, there is a benefit too. For example, The companies can do fair competition as a rival, and improve the effectiveness of a rival system. However, that is kind of ideal thing in nowadays society. If one company is defeated from rival companies, they suffer a heavy blow. Sometimes, employees are dismissed for that result. In this film, Nishi and Goda, they are liable to do or have to do everything for the company’s profit. Furthermore, Kyoko is treated as goods under capitalism, in other words, she has to do everything for a sale as goods.

The Giants and Toys is really emphasized on corruption and darkness thing due to the success and survive in the capital. “ This is Japan. We must work hard or else we won’t survive”. In this sentence, working hard also means defeat other companies and someone who wins in the competition they can survive. This is the biggest problem in the capitalism and commercialization.


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