The Gourmet club

Soyoung Son

Japanese 70

Nov 04, 2013

Shihwei Sun (TA section 1C)

The Gourmet club‘The color and charm of clothes of death body will be beautiful after eating’ this is the saying from Korea and that means, we all are living and working because we want to eat something good food. I think there are no people who don’t like to eat, we all feel hungry when we don’t eat and if we want to eat, we want to eat delicious food. The gourmet club, these guys are group of food traveler, and meets regularly to enjoy superb meals and to take day trips and tasting tours to some of finest restaurants and gastronomical regions. They are going to eat and find magical food wherever they want to, no matter how far it is, For example, they are going to Tokyo from Kyoto for only turtle soup, when they have a great idea about the dinner, they go to find the famous restaurant whatever, whenever and wherever it is and they heard that there is very big and famous Chinese restaurant in China town in Yokohama, so they go there and feel Chinese savor. They might want to taste all of the food in the world; however, they are worried about the ‘Western food’, because they have to abroad if they really want to taste ‘real Western food’. This is how connect with food and exoticism, people want to eat food not only their own food also food from all difference country, like a ‘Lemon’ we learned in class, also have means that exoticism because the lemon comes from far always country and people want to know what kind of food are out there. In the movie ‘Tampopo’, it is about woman who run ramen restaurant and she tries to succeed on her business. Main character realized that in order to make fantastic savor food, it required blood, sweat, and tears to succeed as cooker. The other scene has another story is that as eater, one man learn how to eat the ramen from the master, he teaches that you have to eat it carefully, feel it savor and you should respect that food as well. “A symphony of foods! An orchestral cuisine!” (P104) This is how to describe the food from the Gourmet club. They eat and find the great food and also always feel it and respect to food and cooker, besides they taste the food, not only using tongue, but also feel texture, flavor and decoration of food with body, mind and eyes. This is their passion and enthusiasm for food. Back to woman who run restaurant, she visits every other ramen restaurant to see how they make, why they are popular and what they use the ingredient for the best cook, it is all just about the ramen, even if it is cheap price, there should be the master craftsman’s hard, every ramen restaurant has different regular customer, because, although it is same food, every one food has variety way to make and variety tastes. Likewise, food is not just food, this is culture and life.


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