Jp70_Sumida_Screen Shot

Kota Sumdia

Japanese 154

October 13, 2013

Screen Shot (Tampopo)


(They are playing with an egg by moving it from mouth to mouth.)

                                The director, Juzo Itami, of Tampopo makes audience wonder what manner is. Through this film, we watch many manner people want to obey or should obey; for example, how to eat ramen, how to make ramen, how to eat French food in restaurant etc. People believe that it is their way to show their respect to it. An old man who teaches how to eat ramen to a young man at the very beginning of the movie respects ramen very much, so he eats it like that.  Also, ladies in French restaurant learn how to eat spaghetti. They first assumed that they have to eat it very quietly even though they feel uncomfortable. However, once they found western guy is eating spaghetti very loudly which is different from the way they are taught. Then, they start to eat it with the way they want. Other example is where six business men went to French restaurant. Everyone orders same menu, but youngest one who is knowledgeable about French food orders what he wants. Not knowing the manner, he destroys what other businessmen have built up. Manner is manner, but it does not mean people always have to follow.

The scene (a couple moving an egg mouth to mouth) is eye- level shot and close-up because their faces fill most of the screen. Because of the work, we can feel and touch their atmosphere how emotionally they are kissing and playing with an egg. Also, somehow the audiences are able to see what is going on in the mouth. The woman’s hair is untidy and wears heart shape earing; from that, the director successes to express who she is and how she acts. She is very active and powerful. This is very an interesting scene because there is no manner or order at all. There is only pure and strong desire of the couple. That is why they seem they are comfortable, and they are beautiful. They do not care others; they just care themselves, so they are  They just obey their desire in this scene and make fun of people who keep manner when they eat. An egg here represents food or meal, so playing with it and using it as a tool for their joy show how they disrespect people’s manner. Before this sense, people respect and care about manner so does the old man teaching how to eat ramen. Sex and food are both targets of people’s desire, so caring about how to deal with them is important. By showing how to deal with them, the director makes us realize how the manner works, and sometimes it does not work.


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