Tampopo : higher social class cannot justify as a knowledgeable person.



In this screen shot, it shows the situation that those people are at a high-end restaurant, ordering food right now.

This is a medium shot, and we can see the well-organized tableware, flowers and candles. People shows up are all in suits with very official appearance. All those settings tell the audience that this is a high class western food restaurant.

The young man is looking at the menu and ordering a corton chalemagne wine, which catches the other two elder people’s attention. The expressions on their face are full of surprise and doubt. They both have eyes match to the young guy and feel shocked about what he ordered.

Based on the previous screens, when they first came in to this room, the middle person hit the young guy because he dropped their bags. Then he hit him again because he sat earlier than the other elder people. Those actions suggested the relationship between those people, which seems like the middle person is the young guy’s boss, and other people have higher social level than the middle person.

Then, those older generation traditional Japanese people are lack of the knowledge about western food, which directly show by their unconfident ordering. They don’t understand the language on the menu, and they have no idea about what the food is; as a result, after one people ordered, they others are ordering the exactly same food in order to be on the safe side. In addition, when the young man started to order, his boss tried to notice him do not be the different one; however, after they hear the young man can order western food with no difficulty and find perfect matching items, there were some close-up shots at their face with little spasm.

And at this drink order shot, the young guy asked for a 1981 year of Corton Charlemagne, which is a very specific type, origin and year about the wine that he wants to order. On the contrary; all other 5 people only follow one order of drink, which is beer. They feel so shame and face losing when they hear the young guy’s order. That’s why they moved their heads to the young guy and have all their faces turn to red later on.

I think this screen shot is important because first it provide a situation that western food culture in Japan and the reactions of traditional Japanese people. Then, it shows that people who has lower social class is not inferior to people in higher social class but lower connotation, such as this situation with western culture. Furthermore, it is an ironic scene which tells people that age cannot stand for rich experience; younger people might also have wild knowledge than older people. The truth is that one might have learned the knowledge in a special field earlier than the other, so social class cannot evaluate a person’s level. It is also an important point that the director wants to show.


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