Explaining the class society with food.


Section C


            Tampopo, this means that dandelion in Japanese and it is small seeds which is very soft and feeble and weak and it is also blown by little breeze very well, yet dandelion is very strong because, it could growth everywhere if there is some soil. This movie is about the women who has same character as dandelion own ramen restaurant and she try to succeed on her business. There is gang, upper class, low class and variety veteran ramen restaurant’s owner coming in this movie.

This story is started as couple of upper class watching the movie at theater with eating some noodle. It could be explained as upper class also are eating cheap ramen, however, this cheap ramen should make with the master craftsman’s hard. This movie tells lots of things via ramen or food, it could be about a sex like a desire, greed, he explained this as gang’s boss was having a sex with using some food, that is like a compare between people who has greed for food and sex is same as desire.

jap 70

There is some scenes that I’m interested in, it is French restaurant and there is few superiors, might be a boss, one man looks like a manager for them or porter and a waiter. This French restaurant seems very expensive, formal and luxury. The waiter is ready to get an order for them and ask what they want to get, but they are all hesitate to order, except the manager, even he looks like very having a knowledge about the French food. So all upper class ordered same things as one who order first. And then manager ordered some food confidently. All the other people look at him as shocked. Because they might think that the porter definitely don’t know about this such an expensive food and should not know it because they can’t afford the Western food moreover, he might not be able to know about this food more than his superiors. The author probably wants to tell about the society of Japanese at this time, there is many different classes are coming up and people need to have a manner and etiquette with each class and then concerning this rule, there is some contradiction because, we all same people, even if people who are living in poor, still they are the same as other like the upper class or whatever, they could eat any food or things they want to. Besides they could have many knowledge about the Western food which is the symbol of wealthy. The author make this film to tell the problem of this period of Japanese’s class society with food.


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