Intimate and Pity Desire

Tampopo is a film about a woman named Tampopo owning a noodle restaurant. A “Western looking” man stopped by the shop one day and notices that the quality of her food is horrible. He decides to help Tampopo with her business and hopefully rebuild her self-esteem to better the quality of her noodles for more business.

In the film, we notice how food brings people to interact with one another. In the first picture below, we see how the guy just goes up to his girlfriend and instantly aims for her breasts and kisses her neck passionately. This already is an intimate scene, but that wasn’t the message that Itami was trying to bring to viewers. In the second picture below, we see how the man cracks up the egg yolk afterwards. This confuses the viewers to question, “Why would he do that?”

Passing the egg yolk into each other’s mouth, they kept a steady position, making sure not to pop the egg yolk. In this scene food brings more of an intimate interaction between the two. Without saying anything, those two are expressing their sexual desires by holding each other tightly- especially in the woman’s position in the second picture below.

When the girl pops the egg yolk, viewers can see how the guy stares at her chest as the egg yolk leeks down all over her clothes. He stares intimately at her, expressing a signal of wanting something (sex). As for the girl, she closes her eyes passionately, which is also a way of expressing her satisfaction. Thus, it also seems as if she just had an orgasm. As the couple holds on to each other tightly, it shows a sign of trust, passion, and true love. Viewers can also tell that the guy has more power in this relationship, because he was the one that took innovative to crack up the egg and also grabbing and touching the woman everywhere.

The point of this whole scene is to show viewers how food has consumed them and how they use food as a way to interact with each other intimately. Throughout the film, food is used differently to interact with other things and humans. For example, in the scene below, we see how the guy notices the little boy staring at him while he eats his ice cream. Hence, because the little boy is wearing a sign that prohibits him to eat any sweets, which made the little boy, want sweets even more.

Food is seen as a pity desire for the little boy. The man offers ice cream to the little boy and he slowly reaches out to get it. Viewers see how foo as bought the man to pity the child. In the second picture, we see the child devoured the ice cream in less than a min.
In conclusion, we see how throughout the film Tampopo, the whole film isn’t only just about Tampopo and her noodle shop but there are also several other scenes that connects food with human interaction with one another. Food is shown as a way of bringing intimacy among couples and also pity needs for a child that is also seen and pretty as a pet because of his message board he worn around his neck.


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