Food Has Consumed Us

Spirited Away is an animated movie that talks about a young girl named Chihiro stuck in a different world. The movie starts out by showing her family moving into a different location.

The image above is when the family has gotten lost while driving. As you can see from the image, trees, grass and rocks surround them. There are no sign of people or houses around, which is a sign that nature is telling them they are taking the wrong route. But yet, the Father continues to go further, which is a sign of curiosity. His curious leads him to this temple. Chihiro refuses to continue, but because she did not want to get left behind, she follows along. Evidently, his curiosity leads to him eating away at his stranded location.

The image above shows how greedy his father is and disrespectful. Greedy in a way that although he doesn’t know if the food tastes good, he takes several plates and fills them up with food. And both the mother and father are disrespecting and rude because they just eat without asking. The father thinks just because he has credit cards and cash, he can freely act like a King and get whatever he wants to eat. But in this different world, rules don’t always go his way. As a result, when Chihiro goes off examing the area and returns, her parents turned into hideous pigs- for eating too much.

Out of all the animals, the reason why they turned into pigs is because pigs can be the ignorant and foolish animals that we human encounter. Thus, pigs eat so much; they don’t even realize their capacity; that they should stop eating. Chihiro entered the spirited world and to save her parents, she has to obey by their rules.

Food and money play a huge factor in this movie. It is because of hunger that Chihiro’s parents continually ate and never stopped- until they turned to pigs. Also, in this scene (image below), No Face also known as the “rich man” is praised by everyone because he is rich. He had so much gold, that everyone would do anything to get some. Thus, they kept providing him with food and more food, as if it really does satisfy him.

In the scene below, we notice how Haku gives Chihiro some sort of triangular rice food to give her strength back. In the second image, she starts getting really emotional and eats two of them at the same time. This is a representation of how food can take away one’s sorrow. As long as she eats, she’ll eventually forget about what she is crying for/about.

Throughout the movie, there are multiple scenes that show food and wealth. Money can instantly change people’s perspective in many ways. And in this movie, it’s all about money. People would do whatever they can to get their hands on gold. As for food, food is what takes away people’s emotions. In the couple scenes above, I pointed out that food can take away people’s sorrow and to satisfy one’s need.

From my perspective I feel like the father caused everything that happened. It was not because he was the driver, but because of his curiosity. If he took the sign that nature was telling him, he wouldn’t have continued down the forest, reaching the temple. Instead, he would have U-turned and try to find his way to their new home.


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