Effective advertising with avant-garde and proletarian concepts

In “Giants and Toys”, there are three main characters, Nishi, Goda and Kyoko. Nishi and Goda work in an advertising department of a company called World, which is trying to sell caramel. As a chief of that department, Goda employs, as a main campaign girl, Kyoko, who is a member of non-rich family and do not have brilliant features. To think this film as the one of avant-garde and proletarian genre will help understand in two ways why this new advertising system is effective.

First, an avant-garde advertisement can catch intentions from mass customers. According to Dictionary.com (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/avant-garde), the word avant-garde refers to something characterized chiefly by unorthodox and experimental method. In this case, to star Kyoko who does not have features for a star is unorthodox. To star, let’s say, Hollywood stars literally is usually effective to get attentions and popularity from potential customer. Without an academic or strict analysis by statistic regression, it is obvious in movie rankings that popularity of actors has a large value of correlation. It is difficult to say which of the two factors is a dependent variable or independent, that is, cause or effect, but anyways to adopt big names as a main character is effective to get attention, which is necessary in advertising. Yet, Goda chooses Kyoko, who is far from a star, having rotten teeth and a long tongue and being from kind of the slums. This choice breaks a traditional way of starring campaign girls, meaning it is an avant-garde. However, even though she is not a typical campaign girl, she is suitable for it, because the casting is out of the convention people are tired of. In other words, it is fresh and shocking, so people must get curious and pay attentions. By casting an ordinal girl, which is avant-garde, Goda breaks a typical pattern of advertising and gets attentions.

massive office workers – proletariat

Secondarily, in addition to the avant-garde feature, the casting is effective because it appeals to the proletariat. Kyoko is not simply out of typical image of campaign girl, but she is appealing to working people. This movie starts with a shot of massive office workers. That means they are key in understanding this film, even though they are not special nor have a big power as individuals. With proletarian vocabulary, they are not the bourgeois but proletariat. Kyoko is also one of them. Because she is one of them, she has the same features of them, such as working environment, non-rich family, friendly smile and so on. Therefore, she can make them feel sympathy, which leads to popularity. Since potential customers of caramel are the proletariat, the advertisement should be appealing to the class, so Goda emphasizes and dramatizes her characteristics with advertising photos taken at a poor house, recording her reputation from old woman and so on.

Photo at poor house

recording of Kyoko’s reputation

By emphasizing her non-specialty, she get popular among main potential customer of caramel.


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