Bittersweet Business


Mr. Goda and Nishi can no longer withstand the pressures of the business world

In  this scene, Nishi finds Mr. Goda exhausted and derranged, sitting in his office very late at night. This is the point in the film that highlights the obscenities of the race for power in the business world. With his back turned to Nishi, Mr. Goda stares at the World sign outside of his office, contemplating the caramel sales and his success thus far. He has failed to realize that publicity of World Caramels will no longer boost sales; he is fixated on the idea that Kyoko will bring about huge sales, which can be seen by the posters of Kyoko and the space toys along the wall. This represents that Mr. Goda’s initial, idea was once profitable, but is now pushed aside and useless. This signifies the rise and fall of popularity in the business world—the reason Mr. Goda works painstakingly hard. With his head down, Mr. Goda’s appearance is contrasting with Nishi’s. Nishi has realized that he does not wish to be a puppet of the business world and does not want to follow Mr. Goda’s selfish footsteps to rise to the top. The fact that Nishi is standing in comparison to Mr. Goda sitting reflects his individuality and rise above the injustice, cheating, and lies of the business world. Whereas, Mr. Goda’s slumped posture reflects what happens when you have fought your way to the top—he is overworked, very ill, and has gone mad. The World sign outside reflects how the consumers view World caramels as something very grand and profitable. However, from this angle, looking out from the office, one sees that the glory of the sign is a façade and that the inner machinations of the World Office are not as happy and sweet as the caramels depict them to be. 


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