Stepping into A New Era, or Not?

Giants ant Toys is a Japanese movie about crazy business strategy completing, insane media star making, with love and betray. One scene that impressed me is right at the beginning of the movie, where almost all the people on the street walk in the same pattern and speed. Produced in 1950s, an era when the Japanese economy was just about to boom, the film depicts ahead of time some social landscapes that are different from the traditional due to the fast development of economy. The medium-shot scene focuses on the number of people, as well as their walking gestures. People rushes forward, as if they were about to step into a new world; but what kind of world that is? They all walk in the same pace, same gesture, and without any emotions on their heads, just like robots. So a world without personality and thinking would be the answer. The scene sets up the main theme of the movie. The idea of this new era is throughout the movie: the exaggerated sales figure, the super fast pace of speaking, the mass production in the caramel factory, the broken neon that shows “World” “old”, etc. This world has become no mercy, no feeling and no friendship. And in many ways the director suggested that he didn’t like it: the lighter that can’t be ignited, the fish Kyoko raised dies one by one. The director tries to rebel from such a world. This world leaves no time for people to think, just as later in the movie Goda said: “Nowadays adults are no smarter than children, they have no time to think, they don’t use their brains in their heads; we just need to keep giving the same information and they will regard it right.” It looks the people are walking to a new era, but actually they are stepping back.

People are walking into a new era, aren’t they?


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