Humans, animals and machines…

Human’s role in both animation Momotaro’s Sea Eagle and Astro Boy is superior to the animals and machines in the being and ended up being saving by them toward to the end. In the very first episode of Astro Boy, Dr. Tenma, who lost his son by a car accident, decided to create a humanoid that resembles his son. At the beginning, Tenma loved Astro Boy as like his own son at the beginning but, he started to realize that Astro Boy cannot replace his son and he ended up selling Astro Boy to the Borot Circus. This suggest that the robot was never treated as same as human and they are almost treated as a things for to use and sell. Dr. Tenma treated Astro Boy as a human being by giving him a food and educating him but, he abandoned Astro Boy as soon as he realizes that Astro Boy is nothing but, a robot that looks like his son. Abandoned Astro Boy however, saves master of Robot Circus and he robot friends while humans were running for their own life.

Dr. Tenma loving Astro Boy before he realizes that Astro Boy can replace his real son.

Momotaro’s Sea Eagle has almost the same pattern as the first episode of Astro Boy. At the beginning of the animation, Momotaro is the only human in his battleship and all of his soldiers are animals obeying his commend. This scene defiantly shows that animals are inferior to human. However, everything changes when Momotaro’s animal soldiers fly over to the demon island to attack demon king and his minions. This animation was made as World War II propaganda and Demon King and his minions are obviously supposed to be the US Navy soldiers in Hawaii. Demon kings and his minions in this animations looks like human soldiers. So basically, Mamotaro’s animal soldiers bombard human soldiers and their battleships overwhelmingly and human soldiers are busy running away for their life. Once again, animals appeared something inferior to human in the beginning but, portrayed as a hero defeating demon king and his soldiers at the end. Another thing that I want to point out is that Momotaro, commander of the animal soldiers, order his animal soldiers to strike Demon Island but, he never involved in the battle. His soldiers are the one who lead the battle to victory.

Momotaro commanding his animal soldiers to attack Demon Island.

Humans in Astro Boy animation are living in a future high-tech environment where everything is automatically controlled and done by humanoids. Humans are pretty much helpless without a robots and machines yet; humans treat robots as their tools and trash them if they become useless. It may seem that humans are the superior to the robots but, the truth is that humans are the one getting helped by robots. Same for the Momotaro’s Sea Eagle. Human may seem superior since Momotaro is the commander of the animal soldier’s battleship and he is the only human in the beginning of the animation but, animal soldiers portrayed as a hero and demon king and his soldiers also portrayed as a human being who cowardly run away during battle with Momotaro’s animal soldiers.


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