Dependent on Technology and Each Other

The relation between humans, animals, and technology depicted in both Momotaro’s Sea Eagle and Astro Boy are very similar as they reveal this network of dependence amongst each other. This relationship is geared more towards the human’s success in the first, later beginning to see some success towards machines near the end of the latter.


In Momotaro’s Sea Eagle, technology appears as something heavily relied on, as they are these mediums of power through which Momotaro and his army are able to outweigh the physical strength that the Ogres of Devil’s Island would have otherwise had to their advantage. This dependence is not only demonstrated on technology but also on the animals and on Momotaro, interrelated. Without the animals, Momotaro would not have an army to drive these machines and without Momotaro, the leader, there would be no one to guide such army. Being behind this force of power definitely works towards captivating boys to join the navy. Momotaro as the leader can help to demonstrate that a leader is not bound by age and with the accessibility to such things as an army and technology, anyone can lead an army and lead the war. We can also see that the weapons/technology cannot merely be expected to work without some programing and thus need the help of the humans in order to achieve their purpose. We can see the monkey jumping on the missile and changing its otherwise unsuccessful trajectory into the much wanted successful one. Here machines are not seen to have emotions and are in fact portrayed as simple tools with no other purpose.


Ability to control the torpedo’s trajectory gives small Monkey a huge advantage

In Astro Boy, machines are portrayed as a way to facilitate the unwanted labors of life. They are built to solve certain problems whether it is solving a technical problem, a want for entertainment, or even the filling of a hole for a lost relative. They’re relied on so much by humans that their life is almost at their mercy.  This scene is very important because it is where it all began for Astro Boy. Entertainment is always changing, and the crowd likes seeing new things. This often causes the once popular things to become remnants and junk. When Dr. Aster sees that Astro Boy is different in the sense that he cannot grow like other children he rids himself of him and sells him to the circus, where he is to entertain. The film portrays a heavier dependence on humans here as the robots depend on the Circus Leader for energy source.


Huge dependence on technology


Altruistic side of Astro Boy, always having enough to give

 The robots are not really working with the humans, but for them. We soon see that although unknown by humans, Astro Boy has feelings much like many of the other robots. In one scene we see the crowd and the circus leader looking forward to seeing Astro Boy destroy another robot for entertainment, but he does not. The audience sees the good in Astro Boy, this hero like robot with so many human like characteristics, amongst them altruism, shows to be much more than a mere spare part of metal. The film gives some hope of robots and humans being equal in the end of the film as the Robot Human Rights is changed.


Despite everything, Robots stay humble and altruistic


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