Close relationship between human,animal and technology

The innovative technologies used in the Momotarō and Astro Boy, provide the uniqueness. In both films, even though humans are seen as the superior characters among the animals and machines, it appears that humans, animals, and technology lived in a way where one cannot live without the other.


Momotarō, is a boy who was born from a peach and he used to lead the monkeys, dogs etc. Momotarō was the only human seen in the film. And he used to make them fight with the evil powers like demons. This states that the relationship between human and animals are really close. Also technology was important in the film, if they don’t have machine, they would have lost in the war. He fights the war against the robot Blue Knight who is the leader of the evil robots, who want to kill human race. This clearly shows the relation between the human beings and the machines (technology).

Momotarō’s Sea Eagle is the anime, which relates the technology with the human beings and also establishes the relation between the animated characters and the human viewers. Momotarō’s Sea Eagle that the animals are subordinate to human leader.


And animals in Momotarō’s Sea Eagle had respect for their human leader. Also, the animals have many funs with the technology such as the animals in the planes were successful because they made the technology work for them. Momotarō was the human character, which was violent, and strong, even the animal troop was well trained and it showed the relation between the human beings and animals through the technology-based animation.

In Astro Boy, Tobio’s father used technology to make robot like his son after the young boy Tobio died in an car accident. An idea that shows that without humans’ help, robots would not exist.  However, after a period of time, his father was disappointed when he realized that Astro will never be a real human. At this point, it says that technology is useless.

At different point, it shows that humans depend on technology in many ways. For example, in Metro City, humans rely on robots to do the dirty work–including cleaning buildings and streets. In Spite of humans’ demeaning attitude towards the machines such as human do not consider of what robot say, the robots do not angry and return this feeling. Humans seem to be the most dominant figure in the movie and robots were depicted as their slaves that don’t have any right.

Astro Boy is another anime where he works to preserve the human happiness. He is very brave, and saves several humans, Even though Astro Boy is confused and hard to decide that which side he should take. He is shown as a robot, which prefers to save human happiness and he faces injuries. In Astro boy, it implies that technology will ultimately control. In sum, humans are no longer superior to robots. Overall, in both films, humans, animals, and technology (machines) are all related in the world.





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