Intertwined with Humans

Momotaro’s Sea Eagle and Astro Boy present humans as being dependent upon animals and technology. These creatures and/or machines have become essential aspects of human life. People are accustomed to the benefits that they receive from having relations with animals and technology. Thus, life would not be as fulfilling if these relations had not been established.

For Momotaro, the loyalty of his animal soldiers and the authority that he has over them help establish his power as a successful commander. If the animals did not support him, Momotaro would present a feeble force against enemy lines. Thus, he would be highly unlikely to be able to take over Demon Island without his faithful followers.

Momotaro, his animal soldiers, and their planes

Consequently, Momotaro’s soldiers would not be adept to conquer Demon Island without the help of technology. In accordance with how the creatures establish Momotaro’s power, the usage of machinery provides the soldiers with the force needed to complete their mission. For the task at hand, the animals rely on their planes to drop missiles, their radios to communicate with each other, and their air craft carrier to serve as a base. Hence, the success of their mission is dependent upon the accessibility of these machines. Without these tools, the animals would be powerless and would have to resort to an older form of attack that would not allow the soldiers the same element of surprise that their abruptly manifesting planes provide. The animal soldiers unaided by technology would more than likely fail their mission and, thus, present Momotaro to the world as an unsuccessful commander.

In Astro Boy, humans are surrounded by technology. People travel from place to place via cars that are mostly self-automated. There are robots that are used to assist humans as well as those used for entertainment. During this futuristic time, technology would appear to be well developed. In examining the technology used, three major functions of machines arise: tool, entertainment, and companion. Whether a car, robot, or factory apparatus, machines exist as tools to help ease human duties. This technology supplements human life, raising the standard of living and making life simpler in certain aspects. In regards to being a source of entertainment, certain humans, such as the circus ring-master, use machines for show. For some, the act of watching a battle between robots is considered a fulfilling activity and so, the existence of such robots benefits these people. Conversely, there are those who consider machines, especially robots, to be more than animate metal. These people consider technological objects to be human in some senses. When Dr. Aster first creates Astro Boy, he treats the robot, which remarkably resembles his deceased son, as family. For a period of time, he views Astro Boy as a human child. Some of the other children that enter Astro Boy’s life also think similarly of him and befriend him as if he is any other ordinary kid. Thus, a friendly relation establishes between humans and machines; one in which some may even consider machines to be on par with humans.

Dr. Aster and his “son” Astro Boy


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