Momotaro as a Japanese Emperor

This shot is a close-up and an over the shoulder shot which Momotaro’s upper body is shot to let us see his facial expression. Here, Momotaro is looking up the sky to see off his soldiers heading to attack demons. The gesture of looking up is a representation of his feeling of hope and morale. His facial expression tells us how serious the situation is, and the Japanese flag’s mark on his forehead and the expression represent that Japan is serious about this. The color of the sky in the back of Momotaro is drawn as dark and the weather is cloudy and windy. In this weather, Momotaro’s facial expression is standing out, and the shot tells us that Japan will never give up in any situation with a strong feeling of hope and morale.

This shot is significant in the film Momotaro’s Sea Eagle because Momotaro is a heroic figure to Japanese people and the whole story of attacking in the film is justified as it is a war of justice by using him. Moreover, this shot is showing us that Momotaro in this film is a representational figure of a Japanese Emperor in this time period. He only gives orders to animals and remains on the ship, and he, sees off his soldiers and gives this facial expression as a representative of Japan. He is the only human being who can talk in this film and others are animals, and we can see this relationship as that the Emperor was seen the nation as animals in Japan in this period.

This shot affirms the idea of the folktale because both Momotaro has the same aim to attack demons, and the shot is showing Momotaro’s power strength and his strong feeling towards the fight.


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