Momotaro (MengYin Wu)

The animation of Momotaro’s sea eagle is propaganda of World War II. A special feature is that the purpose is not to justify the war. Instead, the Momotaro’s sea eagle focuses on supporting and promoting greater participation of Japanese people during the war time. The stories mainly depicted heroism. The common folklore stories are based on developing good traits and beliefs. Also, they are told since the childhood to know many things like faith in god, heaven, magic and in developing certain good traits like bravery, honesty, goodness etc. Japanese culture has a hero named Momotaro, who is born from a peach and is sent by god to a childless couple. In Momotaro’s Sea Eagle, some other angle has been tried to be introduced, and it is more of a propaganda rather than inspiring story.

Note: The screenshot is about the birth of hero

The film is inspiring more participation from the citizens through images shown in the film. One important thing to know is that the parts of the film are different from the original folk tale. The film does not start with the peach being found by old lady which introduces the supernatural features of Momotaro. The film is not about a heroic boy that can magically save the country with superpower. It is about people who are helping in the background of the war.

Although the title is “Momotaro’s sea eagle” and Momotaro are showed in the movie, there is no specific role given to this character. The war is next to impossible if there are no supports from the citizens of the country. The film “Momotaro’s sea eagle” fulfilled its purpose igniting popular passion of Japanese citizen. In this way, we can say that Momotaro’s sea eagle was rather a depiction to revoke the citizens of Japan for war and it was more of a promotional tactics than a heroic movie.

In the films hero is the one who is said to be the bravest, stronges, a leader and always winning in the end. The hero with the good personality always wins over the demons with the bad personality.


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