Save the Country, Save Your Life

Momotaro’s Sea Eagle is a Japanese animated movie during WWII, depicting Momotaro and his animal army destroys the Demon Island. During the attack, the movie mainly focuses on plane no.3. At the end of the movie, where everyone think the plane will crash and the monkey, dog and pheasant will sacrifice themselves, a giant bird comes and rescues them. As a propaganda movie during the wartime, it is very important to address the benefit to the people and the nation of the war. This is just a perfect example to prove that, as the team of monkey, dog and pheasant fights for their country against the demons and the other way round their lives will be saved when they are in danger. They only saved the little bird and the big bird comes back and save their lives. In reality, the Japanese soldiers are on the mission of saving Japanese people, saving Japan and saving “Great East Asia co-prosperity sphere”. It should be foreseen that the heroes will be rewarded both morally and spiritually. This close-up shot focuses on the big bird’s facial expression, which is determined and brave. This shows that people can see and know what sacrifice the soldiers have made and are willing to repay them whenever they need. This actually deviates from the original Momotaro story, as after beating the Ogres Momotaro goes back and lives happily forever. There’s no spirit reward by other people to Momotaro for their brave actions. But here in the movie, they get rewarded spiritually as people will see them as heroes and are willing to treat them differently because of their contribution to the country.


Big bird: Don’t worry, I will save you heroes.


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