Keeping a Straight Face in the Time of War

In Momotaro, there was a scene in the beginning where the monkeys are shown lined up during row call represented the American nationalism. Even though there is limited animation within the entire movie, this particular scene depicts a more serious tone by using the element of limited animation. The way Mitsuyo Seo made this scene is rather simple, but it contain powerful meanings once the audience is able to see the messages that it convey.

The monkeys are seen like up for row call.

The monkeys are seen standing in formal military position, while their faces are relatively showing the same stern emotion. The monkeys are portrayed as soldiers in this film, which adds a more humorous tone to the entire movie of how the monkeys were behaving, but in this scene however, they were more serious. This scene can be viewed as an ode to other war films, because there is probably a scene where all the soldiers line up in order to discipline and pride in their country. Even though the entirety of this film was meant to be humorous, this scene allowed a sense of nationalism, which was emphasized during the time of the war. One of the reason why all the monkeys probably look the same might be that Mitsuyo Seo might have want the audience to get feel of teamwork that was involved in order to solve the problem. The general audience, when watching this film can reflect on the values of nationalism, which is demonstrated in this particular scene especially because the overall tone just sets that tone.


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