Matches: Learn from Enemy and Conquer Enemy

In Momotaro: Sea Eagle, the “Peach Boy” captain and his animal soldiers attack the Demon Island and conquer it. One interesting shot in the movie is that when the monkeys try to blow up the enemy’s airplanes, they use gunpowder and matches. There’s a close-up shot to the matchbox, on which it writes “Matches” in Katakana, implying that this is a foreign word and a foreign thing. Using close-up shot is the best way to emphasize the object, which is the matchbox in this shot. This is a very good example of the Japanese nationality, as it shows in the whole movie. The Japanese are very good at learning and they evolve the skills they’ve learned and make it better. Here in Sea Eagle, which is a wartime animated movie, it is very important to build up national pride among people, especially cultivating kids who can be proud of the power of their country, and realize that they are not weaker than their enemy. Using the enemy’s weapon to destroy the enemy is just a perfect example to do so. Rather that affirmation, this is more an expanded point of the original Momotaro story. In the original story, Momotaro conquers the Ogre with the help of the monkey, the dog and the pheasant, who are the friends of Momotaro and initially just coexist in the environment. Here in the animation, captain Momotaro destroys the Demon Island with imported goods that are introduced by the enemy, which illustrates the national power in the world stage in wartime. Besides, the animals are no longer just friends or his followers. They fight shoulder by shoulder for the same goal and pride, which is the main message conveyed in this propaganda.

    Use enemy’s match to destroy enemy.


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