The Goddard Collection

With my $250 mini-grant from the Office of Instructional Development, I have arranged the acquisition of the following twenty Japanese films:

Black Sun (Koreyoshi Kurahara, 1964)
Black Test Car (Masumura Yasuzō, 1962)
Blind Beast (Masumura Yasuzō, 1969)
A Colt is My Passport (Nomura Takashi, 1967)
Cruel Gun Story (Furukawa Takumi, 1964)
Departures (Takita Yōjirō, 2008)
Gate of Flesh (Suzuki Seijun, 1964)
I Am Waiting (Koreyoshi Kurahara, 1959)
I Hate But Love (Koreyoshi Kurahara, 1962)
Intimidation (Koreyoshi Kurahara, 1960)
Nobody Knows (Koreeda Hirokazu, 2004)
The Pornographers (Suzuki Seijun, 1966)
Rusty Knife (Masuda Toshio, 1958)
Still Walking (Koreeda Hirokazu, 2008)
Story of a Prostitute (Suzuki Seijun, 1965)
Take Aim at the Police Van (Suzuki Seijun, 1960)
The Taste of Tea (Ishii Katsuhito, 2004)
Thirst for Love (Koreyoshi Kurahara, 1967)
Vengeance is Mine (Imamura Shōhei, 1979)
The Warped Ones (Koreyoshi Kurahara, 1960)

I will put all of these films on reserve at the Instructional Media Lab in Powell 270 for you to watch at your convenience. We can also arrange group screenings if people are interested in watching something together. I haven’t seen a lot of these films, so I’d be up for watching a few this quarter.

The Criterion Collection has information about many of the films on their website, and you can also glean some details from the IMDb. Contrary to my pronouncement today, not all of these films feature sex and violence, so you can probably find something to suit your tastes.


2 responses to “The Goddard Collection

  1. Departures is really a beautiful movie!

  2. Movie marathon? XD Just a thought.

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