Take-home final exam questions

In 500 words for EACH question, due at 5pm March 20, answer the following:

1.  How does the genre of the manifesto work as a prototype for either The Factory Ship or Minamata: Its Victims and Their Worlds?

2. Based on what you have read and seen this semester, what literary/cinematic genre do you feel is most effective for cultivating a relationship with food? What is that genre, and what is the relationship it cultivates? n.b: if you pick “documentary” as your genre, it must address at least one of the sub-genres that you discussed in section, based on the Nichols article.

NO substitutions–this is a final exam.

(Note: I will be out of the country for a conference from Wed March 14 to the 18th. I won’t have real email contact during that time, but will from the 19th on. So it’s probably good to check in about any exam questions before I take off.)


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