Food Is A Sense Of Memories

Food Is A Sense Of Memories

Home is the most comfortable and peaceful place for most people and they is still missing those food in their childhood because food can be visualized as a symbol to remind people’s memories of the old days. In the movie “Café Seoul”, which is directed by Masaharu Take, is about a story taken place in an inconspicuous alley. In the opening scene, a Japanese journalist whose name is Jun goes to Korea in order to find some interesting topics for his articles. Occasionally, Jun meets Sang Woo who inherits a traditional café named Morandang, and he wants to do an interview with Sang Woo about the traditional Korean food. After the destruction caused by the gangsters, Jun becomes friends with Sang Woo and Sang Hyuk and tries to help them manage their café.

At first Sang Woo is annoyed with Jun; however, after realize they have similar background—their fathers were cooks and they have siblings that hardly meet each other after their fathers passed away, they become friends and run Morandang together. Here, food is as a bridge to connect different people together and it is also as a way to make people have a better understanding of different cultures. Meanwhile, after Sang Hyuk has problems with his left ear, he realizes that Morandang is not just a place for food, but it’s a place that ties their family together. They grew up together and Morandang is a place that full of their memories of their childhood. Thus, he goes back home and helps his brother to manage Morandang and fight against the gangsters.

As urbanization, many old buildings and traditional shops disappear, and it’s the tendency for city development. Morandang has been running for generations, and it’s a place of memories for different generations. On the other side, the youngest brother Sang Jin, is running a modern western café named Morandang as well. Therefore, they have to compete in order to get the inheritance of Morandang. During the competition, even though Sang Yi has better cooking skills and he makes more delicious food, he still loses this competition since he forgets the meaning of food. This scene reminds me a story: a millionaire loses interest in his food. Even though the most delicious food in front of him, he just bites a little bid. One of his cooks figures out what the problem is and cooks the leaves of sweet potato for him. To people’s surprise, he enjoys very much and his tears drop. This cheap vegetable reminds him of those old days when he was a poor boy without anything but had to dig the cheap vegetable to eat in order to survive. Same as this story, the nurunji (the overcooked mochi) reminds the boss of the old days when Sang Hyuk’s grandfather was still alive. On the moment when Sang Hyuk is putting salt onto nurunji, the background is silent, and everyone is focusing on nurunji. In fact, food is not just about deliciousness, but it should be an expression of feeling from generation to generation that will never change.

Definitely, Sang Yi has better skills of cooking and he makes better food. His food is more commercial while Sang Hyuk’s nurunji represents memories. At the end of the movie, Jun says “Food is the sense of art” as what he said at the beginning. In fact, food could be a bridge that ties people together.

the boss is touched by nurunji

the boss is touched by nurunji

the three brothers are sharing the nurunji

the three brothers are sharing the nurunji


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