Yelp Food Review: Coffee D’ate – Buena Park, CA

I ordered an iced sweet potato latte and the boong (fish shaped red bean filled bread). My latte was the right taste for my preference, not too sweet. The boong was slightly disappointing. It’s like a waffle/pancake type of bread, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was a long wait for them, but they were freshly made so no complaints on that. Tastewise, the bread was pretty bland and there was very little to no red bean filling in half of the fish, in the head to the middle of the body.

There’s a nice variety of drinks available. The food menu’s a bit vague though with how it simply says “sandwich” and “cake.”

For a Tuesday night, it was pretty busy. It’s interesting how the place attracts people of all ages. The service was ok. Napkins would have been appreciated. Since it was so busy, orders took a while. However, that means more time to chat and enjoy the atmosphere. It has a very homey feeling to it with the nice tables, seat cushions, plants, and decorations. The table is pretty light so be careful not to accidentally move it and cause your drink to spill. The woman got impatient with my friends and me when we were leaving though and wouldn’t split the bill for us or let us pay with three separate cards. She wasn’t the most hospitable when we were paying the bill. We were the only ones left, but it was only 11 P.M. There was still another hour until closing time!

I don’t recommend this as a place to study simply because it’s a very small place and is pretty noisy during a busy time with the music playing and people chatting. I recommend coming more for the classy atmosphere and food.

My rating is a 4. The atmosphere is really nice and pricing is pretty decent, but the quality of food and service brings it down to a 4.


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