General prompt for blog assignment

Assignment: Discuss how a significant idea, ideology or issue regarding food is presented in the film of your choice. Summarize the content of the film–whether fiction or documentary–selectively and only insofar as you need to, in order to foreground your own interpretation. Use the critical vocabulary that has appeared to date in class readings and discussion.

Use at least one screen shot to illustrate your point. Make sure you read your image, and don’t just post it. Your post should include and make precise use of: a title that is specific to your post (not just “J70”), at least one screen shot with a caption, tags, and a category. It should have a consistent argument that holds it together, and should not be a series of isolated points or a list.

The post is due on the Friday of the week that follows the film screening (i.e. 8 days later). You choose the films and need not notify us ahead of time. Post and email your completed essay to both the professor and TA in MS Word or another word-processing program by 5pm on the day due.


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