Common Grains events in Jan and Feb

This month features a series of events that tout Japanese–and other– “alternative” grains. The first was an o-nigiri-making contest that took place this Sunday, at the JANM. Here’s a look at one of the winners from the LA Times (full article here)…

Contestants in the on-site o-nigiri contest....many featuring a seasonal snowman motif...

Other features are a pop-up soba bar in Century City–for more info, see the CG website here.The menu features very homey cooking, but kind of artisanal ingredients, and looks awesome–grilled onigiri, soba, brown-sugar sweets…

…there are also two film screenings…

I’ll be talking about the delightful yazuka film Branded to Kill on February 3 in Atwater Village, next to a soba popup bar.

Shishido Joe savors the aphrodisiacal effects of cooked rice in Branded to Kill.

And the following night, I will screen and talk about a rare/famous documentary on growing rice, Furuyashiki-mura. (More info on my blog here.)

A Japanese Village is fascinated with the micro-climates of each nook and valley where it is shot. This kind of shot recalls Ogawa's roots as a director of science films (kagaku eiga 科学映画).

It should be a nice series, please come along!

A cameo by an important player...


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