Welcome to Winter quarter 2012!


this is the class blog for J70. You will be posting your film essays here, as well as reading your classmates’ essays. From time to time, we–your teachers–will post AV stuff, like clips and links, things that might add current angles to class readings, or explore questions someone has brought up. You will be able to post, too.

To get posting privileges to the blog, please mail EITHER (not both) the instructor or the TA, using your UCLA address. We will then send you an “invitation.” It will come through return email as a link you click on. This gives you the correct level of access, and also doesn’t take you through a complicated process that may confuse you.

•Please add yourself in by 5pm Thursday January 12. When you pick a username, please choose something that resembles your real name (the one we know you by…). Once you are enrolled in the blog, we will send you the reading for Tuesday–so, the sooner the better.

•Please choose a JPEG image that you want to represent you, as your online presence. Next Tuesday, I will go through how to make the image your avatar.

Stay tuned for more postings!


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