Homegirl Street Eats

As part of Food Day Los Angeles, on October 21st, 2011, the Homegirl Café launched “Street Eats” in their back lot mini farm. Los Angeles is the home of street eats with the evolving trends of food truck, taco stands, and others. Perhaps it was an act of conforming to the trending idea of street food, or perhaps it was simply a generous act to provide customers with healthy organic food at a reasonably low cost. But my experience at the back lot of Homegirl Café was undoubtedly pleasing.

When I arrived at the site of Homegirl Café, the first thing I’ve noticed was the far stretched line across the lot. Despite the temptation to leave the site right after witnessing the long line, the pungent smell of the grilling onions, and meat held me back in the line. While waiting to order the food, I was lucky enough to chat with a worker and asked, “What’s the difference between eating in here and eating inside the café?” And I got an extremely simple answer, “It’s cheaper.” Well, as a broke college student, I guess their new initiative was an asset. As I continued the conversation with the employee, she told me that the food is entirely made out of organic products planted in their small gardens at local elementary schools. This was very interesting to me, as I wondered if that was enough to feed every single customer that comes in the restaurant.

The line moved fairly quickly as I reached the counter in less than 30 minutes and ordered my Carnitas Apple Tomatillo Torta, a homegirl style Mexican sandwich. But in the counter, were displayed strange tubs with green and orange liquids. Being curious by nature, I did not hesitate and ask what they were. “Angela’s potion,” they said. They were serving potions! I had to order one despite the risks. I ultimately discovered it was merely a spinach juice with lime extract and mint yet was not disappointed, as the exotic juice was beyond delicious.

The Torta was composed of a bun with carnitas topped with lettuce and shredded cheese. The salsa bar had a series of different salsa and complementary ingredients that I did not fail to add to my sandwich.

Overall, the food was very clean and delicious, the environment was cozy and natural, the staff was friendly and helpful. In addition, the Homeboy Industry, an industry that the Homegirl Café is a part of, is involved in an extremely generous cause of assisting at-risk and formerly gang involved young women and men to become contributing members of the society.  Thus my time spent at the back lot of Homegirl café was very satisfying, and I recommend all of you to try their food one day!


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