Money is not everything by Seulki Kim

The Film, Giants and Toys directed by Yasuo Musumura, describes the competition among the caramel companies, Apollo, World and Giant while criticizing the reality in Japan of commercialization and mechanization of people for caramel which is money. Since the Industrial Revolution, money has been one of the most important factors for human’s life. Some people even believe only money will bring them happiness. To make more money, of course companies emerge, and the companies publicize their commodities. However, is money really everything to make people happy? The movie, Giant and Toys demonstrates how things would turn out if people pursue only money.

At the beginning of the film, Nishi, who is a new employee in the publicity department of World Caramel, was a good friend of Yokoyama who is an employee of Giant Caramel. Also, Nishi respects his boss, Goda, who has great ability to publicize, and loves Kurahashi from Apollo Caramel. However, as the movie goes Nishi gets betrayed by his lover, Kurahashi and Yokoyama because of money. Kurahashi betrayed him for her company, and she says, “sooner or later you will do what I did.” Even though Kurahashi loves him she doubted Nishi will betray her sooner or later. She chose her company and job which give her money. Also, Yokoyama betrayed him by managing Kyoko who was a representative character of World Caramel. Yokoyama quit the job because he can make more money if he manages Kyoko, who is now a big star.  He says, “I’ll do everything for money.” not considering at all of his friendship with Nishi. He does not even know what he did wrong for money, and rationalizes his behavior. In addition, Goda turns out to be an inhuman person as Nishi finds out he married the crazy daughter of World Caramel’s chief for his spot now. Although Goda was depicted as ambitious business man, as the movie goes to the end, he becomes almost like a machine that works for the company. He does not care whether he gets sick because of over work. What he only cares about is selling more caramel which equals money. Furthermore, Kyoko who was innocent and free girl signs on the contract paper to be a model of World Caramel without any hesitation once she knew she can earn lots of money out of it. However, the more does she earn more money and become famous, the more does she get arrogant, and want more money. Also, her appearance changes as well. She was innocent looking girl, but, at the end of the movie, she smokes cigarette, wears heavy makeup, and of course nice and clean teeth. This shows how much Kyoko has been changed as she earns money.

Everything in the movie is related to earning money, and how people get changed to make more profit and money. However, the movie indicates earning money is not everything, and only money does not make people happy. In this movie, although Nishi started his new career with expectation, he lost his love, friendship, dignity and became miserable at the end. Of course, money is important to sustain human’s life, but, it should not be everything for them.


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