Feast Suggestions!

Hey, guys! I wanted to start planning our Japanese feast, and I need suggestions. There are many Japanese markets and restaurants in the area, so our options are wide open for specific dishes you’d like to have at our feast. Therefore, I’d greatly appreciate if you all could leave a comment – it can be one word, “ramen,” a long list, or a specific request, “Daikoku ramen with vegetable tempura from Daikokuya Ramen in Little Tokyo.”
We, the feast committee, may not be able to acquire all the dishes suggested, but it will help us tailor the menu to maximize our culinary experience! Thanks, guys!

Good Nom-ing,


4 responses to “Feast Suggestions!

  1. oyakodon, unajyuu, sekihan, tonkotsu ramen, onsen tamago, “pucchin papope everybody prin prin” pucchin pudding, yoshinoya no gyuudon tokumori. anything you can get from a familymart… or anything you can get.

    y’all are awesome. thanks for doing this. i’ll bring the sake.


  2. do you think we can get tempura shrimp?! thank you 🙂

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