Wagashi workshop Nov 17/18 @ Tortoise

Wagashi sweets, aka the edible calendar

Sonoko Sakai, the food writer/chef, has invited a master wagashi maker from Japan to LA. The workshops will be in the afternoons Nov 17 and 18, a Thursday and Friday. They are a bit pricey–$60–HOWEVER, this is also just a hint of the kind of workshop that Sonoko will be conducting for free beginning on Dec 31, and continuing into the new year. She is interested in having student helpers, and I will keep you posted. *Mizukami and Sakai will also do a demo/talk at the JANM (Japanese American National Museum) that is free w/admission on Nov 19. More info here.

The workshop will take place at Tortoise, in Venice.

I am very excited to tell you about the upcoming Artisan workshop featuring Japanese confection master Chikara Mizukami from Tokyo, Japan. I invite you to indulge your five senses in Wagashi and experience a taste of Japan. Chikara Mizukami will prepare by hand fresh “Namagashi” pastries inspired by nature, ancient literature and Japanese poems, and talk about how Wagashi has evolved into an art form in Japan. You will be able to savor the distinctive flavors and textures, and learn about the fiber and mineral rich ingredients. Mizukami will also show you how to appreciate Japanese tea with Wagashi. This is a very rare visit by a highly respected Japanese confection master. His first US visit, which includes Seattle and Los Angeles, was made possible with a grant from the Japanese American National Museum. Please join us.

(For those of you who may not know, Tortoise is a highly effective scrubbing brush, as well as the name of the store in Venice.)


One response to “Wagashi workshop Nov 17/18 @ Tortoise

  1. If you like wagashi, you’ll love chasenkuyo, the ritual for showing appreciation for the tea ceremony whisk @ Zenshuji Buddhist Temple in Little Toko on November 6. For more information, http://slowfoodla.com/2011/10/chasen-kuyo-2011/

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