Description of final project proposal

Your final project has two parts. Your proposal, due Nov 10, is directed at the first part.

–>This first part is a four-slide, linked Voicethread presentation on a topic of your choosing that is somehow related to food. Your slides (i.e. your final product) can be images or passages, and you can interpret them either in written comments or via voice commentary–just like you did on the short assignment. In addition to your own thoughts and crafted argument, you are asked to integrate one item of research into your presentation.

“Research” could mean expanded reading of something we have already done–e.g. you read all of I Am a Cat to write your paper. Or it could mean genuine investigative research using library resources to ask a specific question. Examples of this are: (in a paper on Spirited Away) “what is a kamikakushi, and what kind of stories do people typically tell about them?” or (in a paper on Momotarō) “how rare is it for an animé to be a propaganda film?” or (in a paper about “The Gourmet Club”) “did Tanizaki ever go to China, and if so, what did he write about?” The goal is to introduce you in a targeted way to in-depth resources that you can draw on to broaden your knowledge from class readings/discussions.

–>Your proposal should be a 500-word description of the topic you will address in your slides, the work(s) from class that you will use, and the research item that you are going to pursue. If you have ideas about specific sources, or you have found them, great. If not, we are happy to help you with your search, as are the librarians.

The short paper will address a separate topic; you will select this topic from a list that will be posted/discussed in class on Nov 15. This paper will ask you to compare two or three texts.


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