Food Day–local edition

This LA Times (and later Huffington Post, etc.) article is a year old, but I am posting it today because I found it rather inspiring. It’s about an engineering student who put together an informal food pantry on campus for fellow students; it’s called the Food Closet. Apparently it works on the honor system…

Many on the Westwood campus are unaware of the Food Closet, as it is known. But for those students who are cash-strapped or homeless, it has become an indispensable feature of campus life. The door is always open, and 40 to 50 students drop by each day. Microwaves, plates and utensils are located in a student lounge across the hall.

After the newly organized student-run service group Swipes for the Homeless learned of the pantry, it seemed like a natural fit. Students helping students.

Founder Bryan Pezeshki said he heard about the pantry during a food drive a few months ago. Students had been collecting food for homeless shelters downtown, but they also took about 40 sandwiches to the campus pantry. When Pezeshki returned a few hours later, all of the sandwiches were gone.

“I did a little more research, and we decided to focus our drive this quarter on getting UCLA students’ help,” Pezeshki, 20, said. “Students really wanted to help other students out, especially during these tough times.”


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