Books for extra credit write-up

Here are some “classics,” but feel free to suggest others…

Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Sidney Mintz, Sweetness and Power


FH King, Farmers of Forty Centuries


4 responses to “Books for extra credit write-up

  1. Are these extra credit opportunities still open?
    If so, what sort of write-ups might be encouraged?
    Thank you!

  2. Sure, why don’t you look at the post Michelle put up on the Michael Pollan book. The jist is an engaged, critical review that links to some issue(s) we talked about in class. You can raise questions, too. Others I have read recently that might be good are Barry Estabrook’s Tomatoland (, Sue Fishkoff’s Kosher Nation ( and the very lush magazine Gastronomica (go through MELVYL, but it is better in print)–you could present the magazine in journal. It’s a UC Press journal, more serious than “trade” mags like Gourmet, and less turgid than most academic writing. Other suggestions welcome, if run across something good…

  3. Certainly…just posting is fine. But *please* use the tag function, and add the tag “extra credit” when you compose, so I can just easily click on that tag and cut straight to your post (and the others). Thanks!

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