Voicethread assignment–for October 20, 5pm

Assignment for October 20th Voicethread project

In ONE single Voicethread, create two “slides.” Give your project a title. It can be generic. I called my sample project “Voicethread project by Anne McKnight”

You can see this example at http://voicethread.com/share/2318139/

*You only get 3 minutes of “phone time” to record. I think my commentary is too stiff, not talky enough, and not in touch enough with the passage, but I didn’t want to burn any more time…consider it a work in progress.

1)            the first slide should be a screen shot from Spirited Away. Write a textual comment of 150-200 words that breaks down the image and then argues why it is a key moment in the film. (MS Word will count your words for you, if you want to compose there, and then paste as a typed comment.)

–>By “break down,” I mean do a close reading of it: what’s in it, the kind of “shot” it is, the size of the relative elements, the colors, the people, any movement of the contents or “camera,” the style or look, as well as what is happening. The example works like this…

[Description of what happens in the scene–>] This image from the opening of Spirited Away depicts the car that ferries Chihiro’s family from their old house to a new unfamiliar location. The car transitions from a familiar paved road across a bridge into a new, less-travelled territory. This bridge will be the first of many such thresholds that mark the shift from real world to an enchanted world. [What in the image/sequence is worth paying attention to, so that the viewer/reader gets your pointà] On the other side of the bridge, the landscape suddenly looks wilder, and unruly grass covers the semi-ruined wall. A rutted dirt path takes over where the pavement left off, and the car’s tires bounce roughly on the road as it leaves the pavement and recedes into the forest.  [Significanceà] In the film, Chihiro is provoked to find her way through a series of tests and obstacles and finally to rescue her parents by drawing on her new experiences. The first moment of bridge-crossing hints that Chihiro and her family are entering a world that is less controlled and may have its own logic.

2)            the second slide should be an image of a passage from a text. (You may need to type this in MS Word, and then save it as a .pdf or use Grab to make an image out of it.) After you upload it, make a 1-minute audio commentary that performs a reading of the passage.  (In my example, 1 minute was about 115 words.)

–>Just like we do in class, tell us why you chose that passage, give some context in terms of the story, and then really focus on how the language, rhetoric and style work. Conclude by giving a brief mention of why it is important or interesting/weird/provocative in the context of the work as a whole.

In this passage, the narrator describes the extreme lengths the members of the Gourmet Club will go to in order to satisfy their appetites. The group as a whole is decadent, committed to the pursuit of pleasure, even at the expense of the health and sanity. The narrator records a debate about strategy that the members hold. They are at wit’s end because their jaded palates seem to have already experienced every food thrill available in the entire country. This passage is striking because it introduces the ideal that the club, and Count G in particular, will devote themselves to finding–the “orchestral cuisine,” or food that achieves the status of a work of art.

*Your two slides do NOT have to relate.

pdf file here: Assignment for October 20th Voicethread project.


2 responses to “Voicethread assignment–for October 20, 5pm

  1. – So do we only have 3 minutes of audio record time for the 1-minute commentary? What if we used up that 3-minute?

  2. You can also use the mike on your computer (free, I reckon). I just did it via the phone because it was so…unexpected. Also, I wanted to hear the sound quality, which is not bad, from a land line…You can buy more time…but if you rehearse it off-line, no reason you shouldn’t nail it in 1.

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