Messages from Miyazaki through Sprited Away by Seulki Kim

A girl named Chihiro with her family gets lost their way to their new house, and
arrives at a random tunnel. Despite the fact that Chihiro does not want to
enter the tunnel, her parents enter it anyway, and discover a town. There, her
parents find a restaurant with a lot of food, but there was nobody. They eat
the food right away because they were so hungry while Chihiro goes for talking
a look around the town. However, when she came back to the restaurant her
parents turned into pigs. Actually, the town was a place only for Gods! While Chihiro does not know what to do in the situation, a boy named Haku emerges in front or her, and helps Chihiro to work for the owner of the bathhouse, Yubaba, so that she can save her parents. As she works there she meets Kamaji and Lin who would help her to learn chores at the bathhouse. One day, she meets the dirty god who is really filthy and stinky, and she helps the god to have his real figure, the famous river god. For the expression of the gratitude for saving the river god, Chihiro gets some kind of medicine that can fix whichever it is. With that, Chihiro saves people who were eaten by No Face monster, who gives away whatever people want, helps Haku to be released by Yubaba, and remember his real name and who he actually was. At last, Chihiro saves her parents, and they get out of the town safely.

To understand this movie better, audiences need to know what each scene actually mean. With the movie, Miyazaki sends us many messages about nature and greedy human. Also, the movie shows the importance of food. First of all, Gods from this movie are nature that gets hurt by human. All the gods come to the bath house to get healed and purified wounds caused by human. The part where the dirty god shows up demonstrates how much human makes the nature ill. Although the dirty god was actually the famous river god, he became the dirty god because of the garbage from human. Also, Haku is another demonstration of why nature is hurt by human. Haku was actually a river spirit. However, he could not find the way to home because human reclaim land from the river for apartments. This shows that human removes nature for their own good.

Next, the movie expresses foolishness of human’s greed. Chihiro’s parents become pigs because they greedily eat god’s food although there was nobody who allows them to eat the food.  Also, No Face itself demonstrates how people are greedy. No face is a monster that has no face, but who is capable of giving anything people want. He gives what people want, and tries to fill up his emptiness. But, like people cannot stop wanting from No Face, his emptiness
also cannot be filled up. As people get more gold, No Face gets bigger and

Finally, those workers who want more gold get eaten by No Face. Life cannot be more important than gold! Lastly, audience should understand how much food is important in this movie. First of all, at the beginning of the movie, all the
food that Chihiro’s parent ate at the restaurant was prepared for god, not for
human. Second of all, when No Face keeps giving way the gold that people
desperately want, they dedicate piled foods to No Face for gold.  With these facts, food worked as a sacrifice to gods and No Face, who is seemingly a god because he can give whatever people want, for what human wants in this movie.

As explained, Spirited Away contains many other moral messages for the audience such as criticism of capitalism through Yubaba. Also, viewers could guess about the coexistence means between old school things and present thing in the movie.  This movie is not an anime that is just for fun, and has no eaning. It gives us a lecture about what human has done, and what we need to do in the future to make the better world. If audience receives these instructive messages from this movie, it will be very valuable and fun at the same time for them to watch.


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