Streaming films (such as Spirited Away)

The links are now up for Spirited Away and all the remaining films in the semester. When you log in to your MYUCLA page, click on the “Images of Japan” link. Then, you will see a grid on the left that looks like this:

Left column on MyUCLA

Below “Week 10” and above “Show All” you will see “Video Furnace.” Click on that, and you will have access to all the films we screen this quarter. Please note that you have to be on campus (or in a dorm) for it to work. But you may watch the real thing (such as it is real, in digital format) at Powell any time it is open.


4 responses to “Streaming films (such as Spirited Away)

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the link to Spirited Away is not working :[

  2. Yes, the link does not work for me, either.

  3. Hmm, mysterious. I’ll see about it when the OID opens tomorrow & get back to you. They did have a problem with the disk on Friday, but I had thought it was fixed. Meanwhile, someone else in the class may be able to help you out…or you could see it at Powell 46.

  4. mine doesn’t work either~

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