On-campus event, Oct 7: Li Ang, novelist of food, sex, politics

Please report back to the blog if you go to this event, or read any of her novels!
Writing Sex, Food, and Politics

Writing Sex, Food, and Politics

Li Ang (李昂), a prominent Taiwanese writer, investigates gender and politics in social life and literary creation, opening up new spaces of critical reflection on the question of women in literary writing.

Friday, October 07, 2011
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Royce Hall Room 243

Writing Sex, Food, and Politics

Li Ang (李昂) has been internationally recognized as one of the most important contemporary writers in Taiwan since her first novel Butcher’s Wife was published in 1983. Many of her major works have been translated into multiple languages, published worldwide, reviewed by major newspapers, and made into films and television serials.

While gender politics surfaced in her early writings, Li Ang began to examine the intertwining of gender and politics in her historical narratives after the lifting of martial law (1987) in Taiwan.

Her major novels include Garden of Riddles (1990), The Incense Burner of Lust (1997), Autobiography: A Novel (2000), and The Visible Ghost (2003). Her works combine critical reflections on postcolonial politics with gender politics to examine the questions of women in Taiwan.

Cost: free

from the CCS @ UCLA.


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