Reader update

The reader will be $39, and will be available soon. I’ll let you know when that is, as soon as I know.

And now, for something completely different, to take the edge off of sorrow and tragedy…

Yano Akako, doing “Ramen tabetai,” or “I want to eat ramen.” With feeling!

Ramen tabetai (I want to eat ramen)
Hitori de tabetai (I want to eat it by myself)
Atsui no tabetai (I want to eat the hot one)

Ramen tabetai (I want to eat ramen)
Umai no tabetai (I want to eat the good one)
Imasugu tabetai (I want to eat it right now)

Cha-shu wa iranai (I don’t need cha-shu pork)
Naruto mo iranai (I don’t need naruto either)
Zeitaku iwanai (I am not picky)
Kedo (but)
Negi wa iretene (please put the scallions)
Ninniku mo irete (put garlic also)
Yamamori irete (put heaps of it)


10 responses to “Reader update

  1. jonikaweerasekare

    I want to eat ramen too… but I have yet to find anywhere good in westwood.

    • yes, I’ve found it rather “meh” myself. I hear a lot of buzz lately about Tsujita, on Sawtelle. That said, most of the fuss seems to be about the owner/sometime chef’s business holdings and the resto design bling (which is quite nice, tho many of the features people are in awe about are rather garden variety for restos in Japan, e.g. shelves for your belongings near the seating. The space seems lovely, but a good bowl of soup can shine through the most humble surroundings). It does look quite intriguing, though, and LA certainly has pioneered many interesting culinary “left turns”…please report back if you check it out–also, Ramaniac might have some ideas, though he’s been lying low for a bit:

      • Ramen tabetai! Imasugu tabetai!

        Thanks for the site and I’m definitely using it :D!

      • This is kind of a late reply, but I thought I’d weigh in on this one in an attempt to help out. I’m pretty fond of Asahi Ramen myself. It’s also on Sawtelle and pretty easy to get to even without a car (warning: they take cash only, but I think there’s an ATM nearby). If you take the Blue Bus (I think it’s the 1?) down to Sawtelle just after the NuArt theatre (Rocky Horror Picture Show!) it’s a quick walk to “West Little Tokyo”. It’s much easier to get to than Little Tokyo, especially if you don’t have a car. There are some shops and eateries including Curry House and Beard Papa. It’s not really Westwood, but it’s much closer than Little Tokyo.

  2. Japanese musicians really do like to write about food, don’t they?


  3. jonikaweerasekare

    How far away is Gardena from UCLA? I’m not familiar with so-cal cities. If its close I’ll definitely check it out.

    • not super-far…but probably worth jumping in a car. A bit S and E of UCLA, off the 110. i am sure you will soon run into someone (perhaps even in class) who is making an expedition…the Meiji tofu company, a mom and pop store in Gardena, is also worth stopping by…

  4. this song is awesome!! it’s “jazzy” too which is interesting for a song about ramen… hehe :}

    • yes, it’s quite nice! Yano is very interesting…on her own, and as a member (sometimes) of YMO. she was married to Sakamoto Ryūichi for some time, and is delightful in an appearance that YMO did on Soul Train back in the 70s, with the Archie Bell song “Tighten Up.” she’s the one hopping up and down…

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